Saturday Morning D-STAR Net First Birthday

91AD on Module C

Checking through my records on Saturday before the net I realized the first Saturday Morning D-STAR net had run on 17th April 2010, so the net has been running for a year.  Over that time we have had a steady group of check-ins each Saturday.  People have checked in from across Ontario, from the UK, USA and even Japan.

We have missed very few Saturdays, one being the Saturday we had the Ottawa D-Star Symposium in November.  Andrew, M0GRU, and Dale, VE3XZT, have been net controllers, along with me, over the year.

This Saturday’s net had eleven check-ins, including net-control. Check-ins again were across Ontario, USA  and the UK.  A notable check-in was Jeff, VE3EFF, who checked-in from Chicago O’Hare Airport, whilst waiting for a flight to Ottawa.

With regards to other nets Bill, KC8YQL, this week  told the net about two other Stateside nets:

  • Ohio State Wide D-STAR Net on REF38A at 8pm Eastern Time on Sunday
  • D-STAR Radio Scanning Net on REF12C at 9pm Eastern Time on Sunday
As I write this post I am listening to the Scanning Net via my DVAP and it is very informative. If you are interested in scanners and scanning it is worth listening to.


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